Contura Energy is a private, Tennessee-based company with affiliate mining operations across multiple major coal basins in Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and Wyoming. With customers across the globe, high-quality reserves, and significant port capacity, Contura Energy reliably supplies both metallurgical coal to produce steel and thermal coal to generate power.

Contura Energy is committed to operating safely, efficiently, and responsibly, with customer service second-to-none and an ongoing focus on continuous improvement.


What We Do

Contura Energy supplies the fuel that is used to shape our everyday lives. We take care in operating safely, responsibly, and ethically, continually striving to improve and delivering quality in everything we do.


Who We Are


Our Operations

Contura Energy affiliates operate both underground and surface coal mining complexes across Northern Appalachia, Central Appalachia, and the Powder River Basin.

Northern Appalachia (PA)

  • Cumberland – Underground

Central Appalachia (VA, WV)

  • Cabin Ridge – Surface (VA)
  • Deep Mine #26 – Underground (VA)
  • Deep Mine 41 – Underground (VA)
  • 88 Strip – Surface (VA)
  • Deep Mine #25* – Underground (VA)
  • No. 10 (Bear Ridge Upper Banner)* – Underground (VA)
  • Deep Mine 37* – Underground (VA)
  • Deep Mine 44* – Underground (VA)
  • OMM (Reedy Ridge)* – Underground (VA)
  • Jerry Fork Eagle – Underground (WV)
*Contract Mine

Powder River Basin (WY)

  • Belle Ayr – Surface
  • Eagle Butte – Surface